Monday, November 8, 2010

Peek into the boxes

Just a peek into what are inside the boxes for those who asked.
A pair of earrings from Chanel.

A mini clutch/pouch from Prada.
Card holder from Tiffany & Co.

Metallic silver on the inside.

Tiffany Notes earrings to match my necklace.

And lastly, a Tiffany Keys scarf.

Nothing over the top, just little gifts from the someone whom makes my heart flutter.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October is my special month ♥

October is a special month of mine.

Thanks BF. ♥

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jill Stuart 世界中が We Love Jill! + ViVi November

I got the Jill Stuart 世界中が We Love Jill! mook last week at Kinokuniya.

A mook is a combination of Book+Magazine which is usually the publication of a single brand, filling the magazine like pages with contents about the brand & due to all the information within, it seems like a book.

The previous mook by Jill Stuart came with a portable mirror whereas this mook is just simply a pouch.

The pouch is of canvas like material & the brand name is embellished in silver in the middle of the pouch.

Comes with a little bow charm.

Come with 3 zipper compartments
The first compartment which has lots of pockets.

The second compartment which has slots of brushes, a zipper net pocket & even a little tissue case.

And the external compartment.

With Jill Stuart Blush Blossom compact inside.
The pouch is really spacious and pretty useful with all the compartments and pockets made available.

This mook is well made, however I am not sure if this material is waterproof and I really like the previous satiny one which is waterproof.

It is priced at SGD$31 which is quite a marked up from the retailed price in Japan but if it is compared with the usual prices of the Jill Stuart pouches sold in the counters, this is quite a bargain.

Some pictures of the contents inside the booklet.

I like the product catalog the most which is filled with the product range available.

This mook is worth picking up if you are a Jill Stuart Fan, in need of a well designed cosmetics pouch or you are simply a mook collector.

And I also picked up ViVi November issue which comes with a supplement from Snidel.
I buy ViVi every month and it is not often that this magazine comes with a supplement.

ViVi X Snidel

The supplement is a furry pouch, my iphone & digital camera can be both fitted inside this pouch.

Bronze-gold chain with a rounded pink logo on the zipper.

As you can tell, the pouch is not super well made but since it is a supplement, I will not fault the workmanship.

That's all I have gotten from Kinokuniya last week.


Monday, September 27, 2010

NAKED Palette + Soap & Glory

Our local Sephora is getting a little more exciting, welcoming new brands & products being made available.
I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Palette & it happened to be the last on the shelves but have since been replenished. This palette needs no special introduction for it's being fussed over % got everyone talking about it.

The palette is all packed in a brown velvety casing with the word 'NAKED' in gold splashed across.

From Left to Right, the eyeshadows are Virgin,Sin,Naked,Sidecar,Buck,Half Baked, Smog ,Darkhorse,Toasted, Hustle,Creep & Gunmetal

A galore of 12 full-sized neutral eyeshadows, double-ended 24/7 glide on eyeliner pencil in Zero and Whiskey with a travel friendly sized of the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Do check out Temptalia for in-depth reviews for every colour in the palette and swatched.
This palette is priced at SGD$73 & though the price is slightly marked up in Singapore, this palette is definitely worth picking up, especially for its versatility.

I love neutral shades & this palette works for me. I didn’t expect to walk into Sephora & see it on the shelve as reservations was actually required but due to uncollected reservation, I got lucky.

This palette is permanent & stocks will be replenished according to the Sephora SA.

A UK brand, Soap & Glory made its way officially to our local Sephora stores & I checked out the range available when I went to pick up the Naked Palette.

The brand states 'At SOAP & GLORY we believe you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to moisturise one' & indeed, the range is pocket friendly.

From left to right, I picked up the Scrub Your Nose In it, Heel Genius & Clean On Me.

Scrub Your Nose In It is both a face scrub & mask, the Sephora SA recommended this multipurpose facial product which exfoliates while unclogging pores and when used as a mask, purifies and deep cleanse the skin. I have yet to try this scrub as I am trying to finish up other scrubs which I have already started using.

And the Heel Genius which is a foot cream was highly raved by the SA who said that the foot cream gives your baby smooth feet which she tried & love. I will try it soon & see if it can do wonders to my dry feet.

Lastly, Clean On Me clarifying shower gel which lathers up nicely, stepping out of the shower smelling fresh and the scent lingers on the skin.

I am keen to check out the rest of the range available locally for it doesn't break the bank trying the products.

Shifted Again

I have shifted back to Blogger mainly because I have received comments that my blog is not showing up on onsugar.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


ADDICTION by Ayako is produced by KOSE Cosmetics & the concept is different from the usual fare of Japanese cosmetics, imagine Shu Uemura with Bobbi Brown.

I was not intending to purchase anything from the brand during my Japan trip but after walking by the counter & swatching a couple of items, I couldn't resist the temptation.

The packaging is simply sleek & of no frills.

Simple & reflective plastic casings.

Blusher in Aqua Bronze (08).

Eyeshadow in Flash Back (030ME) & Sandcastles (009P).

There are 4 finishes to the range of eyeshadows, namely

ME-Metallic, M-Matte, P-Pearl & S-Sparkle.

There are casings to be brought separately that can hold up to 4 and 6 eyeshadow or any blusher taking up the space of 2 eyeshadow, so the casing can be customized as you desire.

And I got Compact Case 1 which is for 4 eyeshadow, filled it with the above 2 eyeshadow and 1 blusher.

Compact Case 1

The compact case opens up like this, with a mirror on the inside of the top flip.

The top left hand eyeshadow is Sandcastles (009P), this makes a gorgeous highlighter or as a base, the luminosity is lovely.

The one on the top right is Flash Back (030ME), which is a metallic warm taupe that goes on smooth & velvet-like.

And on the bottom is the blusher Aqua Bronze (08), this blusher gives a lovely sheen to the face & it is like a golden apricot shade with a tint of beige.

I really like this blusher for for it subtlety highlights the cheeks with a splash of color, three dimensional this is.

I didn't know that there was a gift for purchase of a certain amount, so this GWP came as a nice addition to my purchases.

A little gold wristlet & a slim fold-able mirror.

I am quite pleased with my picks from ADDICTION & I am keen to explore more of the products.

And if I am not wrong, it is only available in Japan currently, so I will only be able to check out more of the brand when I go over again (hopefully soon!).

As the brand name suggests, this brand is quite an addiction ♥.